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Mizubath smart toilets
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Wall-hung Isla

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Bidet toilet with Smart Cleaning

Next generation features in flush toilets

Rear Wash

The rear wash offers more thorough cleaning thanks to the increased number of water outlets in the nozzle and the forward and backward movement of the spout. Water temperature, jet intensity and nozzle position can be adjusted and regulated. In addition, the spout can be moved back and forth or left stationary during washing.

This versatility guarantees optimal and personalized cleaning, adapting to the specific needs of each user. Furthermore, the precision in the adjustment of these parameters ensures exceptional comfort and a highly satisfactory user experience. With these advanced features, our smart toilets offer a complete and efficient hygiene solution, perfect for those who value convenience and innovation in their daily routine.

Feminine wash

For the front wash, the position of the nozzle is moved forward, the intensity and flow rate of the wash is reduced (different nozzle with fewer outlets). The water jet is soft, warm, pleasant and gentle.

This specific setting is designed to offer gentle and effective cleansing, ideal for daily feminine hygiene. The possibility of adjusting the position and softness of the jet ensures a comfortable experience that respects the needs of each user.

In addition, the special nozzle guarantees optimal water distribution, providing a feeling of freshness and well-being. With these features, the feminine wash of our smart toilets combines advanced technology and sensitivity, offering a hygienic and comfortable solution for all women.

Activating massage

The water jet from the nozzle varies in intensity during washing, alternating between hot and cold water for better cleaning and activation of the area to be washed. It can be activated or deactivated from the remote control.

This feature not only ensures superior hygiene, but also promotes blood circulation, providing a revitalizing and refreshing sensation.

In addition, it allows you to customize the washing experience according to individual preferences, offering incomparable comfort. Ideal for those looking for an advanced and ergonomic solution for their daily hygiene, our toilets combine design and technology in an innovative product.

Adjustable position

The washing cannula has different positions (up to 5 depending on the model) that allows the washing to be adapted to each type of user, which is optimal in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and comfort. This also allows the little ones in the house to enjoy these products…

This adjustability ensures that each member of the family, no matter their size or personal preferences, can enjoy a personalized washing experience. Furthermore, the easy adjustment of the position of the cannula ensures that maximum cleaning effectiveness can be achieved, providing a feeling of freshness and well-being with each use.

With these customization options, our smart toilets become an ideal choice for homes looking to combine advanced technology with everyday convenience.

Self-cleaning cannula

The nozzle automatically performs a cleaning process with water before exiting and just after finishing before storage to prevent bacterial growth and for maximum hygiene. In addition, the nozzle can be removed for deeper cleaning in case of clogged nozzles.

This automatic self-cleaning process ensures that each use is hygienic and safe, providing peace of mind to the user. The ease of disassembling the cannula also allows for more detailed maintenance, guaranteeing the durability and optimal functioning of the device. This feature of our Japanese toilets is especially valuable in maintaining the cleanliness and effectiveness of the smart toilet in the long term.

With the self-cleaning function and the option of deep manual cleaning, our smart toilets offer an advanced hygienic solution that combines convenience and practicality.

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